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    Back checks
    Hammer rail
    Piano ribs
    Cast-iron piano frame
    Piano tuning pins
    Piano tuning lever
    Piano crossed strings
    Piano straight strings
    Ebony sharp keys
    Tuning fork
    Double escapement
    Piano damper
    Making long French loops
    Hammer felt
    Relative humidity
    Key ivory
    Sides of keys
    New hammer shanks with flanges
    Overdampers and “bayonet” action
    Pleyel action with double escapement
    Schwander action
    Viennese action
    Piano front rail punchings
    Keyboard balance mortises
    Wooden framed upright pianos (1860-1920)
    Straight-strung grand pianos
    Piano capstans
    Piano balance pins
    Guide pins
    Piano hammer knuckles
    Frame bushing
    Piano soundboard